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Maison Quintanar Nicolete is a Mexico City-based brand founded in 2020 by Nicole Quintanar. This personal project was born by exploring the cultural hybrids experienced by the designer through her childhood growing up in Mexico's border with the United States; the dialogues created around it along her family's cultural heritage enrich and inspire every aspect of MQN.

Clothing and objects are an extension to one's identity, what we surround ourselves with, we become. The relationship of context and identity is explored through artifacts, spaces, cultural heritage, textures and gestures that become daily rituals to create meaningful handcrafted products for the beautiful everyday life.

Looking to walk towards a slower, more conscious and intimate relationship with garments, every piece is designed as an independent object by Nicole in her studio and produced by a local seamstresses and Nicole in small stocks that fit its demand.

We find richness in the imperfect, the craft; always looking for quality in our materials, using new, scraps, old and dead-stock fabrics for our garments and accessories.

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Please feel free to contact us at any given time

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